Advertise your horse now and buyers see fast, full-featured listings that don't disappear from their crowded inbox

Want to put your horse's availability in front of a large number of show horse enthusiasts -- and in a format where viewers can return to your custom page?  

Here's the sweetest advertising deal you'll find -- our RES Horse Flip advertising program:

  • $75 for up to 30 days
  • Custom page on under our "RES Horse Flip" section, including pedigree, show record, up to two photos, a video link, and your owner's statement
  • Custom QR (quick reference) code you can use to send mobile-phone friendly links to your horse's page
  • Searchable fields, so prospective buyers can more easily find your horse's special qualities
  • Easy collaboration and a discounted rate with Madge Bass of Magic Media Equine Promotions (contact Madge directly after we've posted your listing online here)
  • Simple online payment
  • Easy migration toward listing your horse in our upcoming auction, if you choose to do so (separate terms and agreement)
  • This RES Horse Flip program will be available between (not during) RES auctions.

Ready to go? It's 3 easy steps to get your horse's listing online.

1. Enter your horse. See the "START HERE" link below, or use the "ENTER HORSE AD" menu button above.
2. Pay RES $75, using our secure Square online payment system, or click the "AD PAYMENT" menu button above.
Then, we'll promptly send you a confirmation email with these links (or you can complete these steps by clicking below):
3. Upload your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please send high-quality photos. Photos marked "proof" cannot be used. Please include horse's full registered name.
4. (Optional) Contact Madge Bass at Magic Media Equine Promotions if you wish to send an e-blast, using the pre-arranged RES-discounted rate.


Questions? Give Helen a call at 502.802.6777. 

Let's do it!